Greatest Hits of the Enlightenment

The best thing you can really say about the Age of Enlightenment is that it was nice while it lasted.  Sure, it was better than the Dark Ages, but what wasn’t?  In any case I have to wonder where it all got us in the end.  To my thinking, without the Age of Enlightenment, weContinue reading “Greatest Hits of the Enlightenment”

Is Connecticut Funny?

The following story is true, only the events have been changed to protect me from lawsuits, brickbats, and evil curses.  Names are real however, and nobody is innocent, particularly me.             I recently came across an opinion piece in a prominent state newspaper with the provocative heading, “Why isn’t Connecticut funnier?”  Imagine my surprise andContinue reading “Is Connecticut Funny?”

In Vegetables We Trust. Or Do We?

There has been some disturbing news of late coming out of the Vegetable Kingdom that all is not well, that, in fact, there may be a traitor in its midst.  This may not strike the average meat eater as surprising, much less worrisome, but for those upstanding vegetables and such others as feel a closeContinue reading “In Vegetables We Trust. Or Do We?”

The Great Viking Makeover

I am a Viking.  I learned this recently when I read that anyone of Scandinavian descent whose name ends in ‘son’ is likely to have Viking blood in their veins.  I know it’s probably not very Viking-like of me, but I have been afraid of admitting this possibility to myself forever.  I only felt emboldenedContinue reading “The Great Viking Makeover”

Will Cuppy – The Hermit Humorist

            Chances are that you’ve never heard of Will Cuppy. But if you love out-of-the-ordinary humor writing, the kind that isn’t just of the “Me and My Funny Life” variety, you really should check out Cuppy’s books. With his heavily researched satirical takes on animals and historical figures, you can even learn things from hisContinue reading “Will Cuppy – The Hermit Humorist”