How Many Trees Can’t We See?

A long time ago, probably before anybody really thought about what they were doing, our ancestors lived in the trees.  Trees gave them everything they needed then.  But everything isn’t always enough, especially when your only dreams are of falling.  So eventually they came down, their dreams evolved to include world domination, and they wentContinue reading “How Many Trees Can’t We See?”

Plants – The Smarter Kingdom?

If a plant neurobiologist fell in the lab and no one was around to hear her, would the trees know it?  It’s questions like this that likely keep plant neurobiologists up at night, especially since no one else seems to be listening to them.  This could be because so few people believe in such aContinue reading “Plants – The Smarter Kingdom?”

What’s The Hurry?

If the ozone hole don’t get us then the global warming will, And the odds of doing something are approximately nil. While the scientists are yapping, All the governments are napping, And the CEOs are clapping, STILL, Who really thinks that climate change can kill? ********************************************** While there’s still a drop of oil left, it’sContinue reading “What’s The Hurry?”