Hold the Apocalypse – Pass Us a Merry Christmas Please

Ho Ho Ho! Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews had this to say about my new book: “If you are looking for a gift for anybody, look no further, you just found the perfect book.” Check it out for them on Amazon (https://tinyurl.com/2p8bw5mf) and they’ll be laughing all the way to the apocalypse. (This has been aContinue reading “Hold the Apocalypse – Pass Us a Merry Christmas Please”

Curious Science – The Coyote

Nowadays, coyotes seem to be everywhere.  They are often blamed for the disappearance of everything from cats and small dogs to a good night’s sleep.  But they are very interesting animals. In Native American lore they were known in various ways, primarily as the Trickster.  Different tribes or peoples however thought of them in differentContinue reading “Curious Science – The Coyote”

Some Brilliant Thoughts

I discovered these books of “Brilliant Thoughts” by Ashleigh Brilliant (real name) and was wondering if anyone else is familiar with this strange and funny guy. The books (published in 1979 and 1980) are filled with his thoughts and the accompanying illustrations. Some sample thoughts, besides the cover thoughts: “What makes the universe so hardContinue reading “Some Brilliant Thoughts”

Update to “A Complete History of Mankind”

            Well, the jury’s still out, but it may be that my slightly condensed history of human evolution, the 800 word essay, “The Complete History of Mankind,” needs a qualifier.  Scientists are now reporting that recent discoveries in Israel and China suggest that there were two previously unknown types of early humans living alongside HomoContinue reading “Update to “A Complete History of Mankind””

Book Preview: Cat Research for Dummies

Here’s another sample from my forthcoming book, Hold The Apocalypse – Pass Me A Scientist Please (and other humorous essays from an optimist in dreamland), due in August. I hope you like cats. Cat Research For Dummies The hardest working animal researchers in the business have to be the cat researchers.  If you don’t believeContinue reading “Book Preview: Cat Research for Dummies”

Book Update

My new book is coming soon! Its titled Hold the Apocalypse – Pass me a Scientist, Please.  I just finished the book description, (you can find it here) which will give you an idea of what its about and the cover artwork is underway. You can read a couple excerpts here on my page.  StayContinue reading “Book Update”