My Stats:

Height: 6’ 0” and shrinking.

Weight: Under 160 pounds. (The maximum for the lightweight division.)

Eyes: Yes

Hair: 50 shades of gray, but not nearly as kinky.

Writes: Right-Handed

Writing Speed: Varies, depending on brain speed.

Brain Speed: Varies, depending on caffeine intake.

Caffeine Intake: Moderate – currently subject to strict family-imposed regulation.

Types: Two fingers.

Typing speed: What’s the hurry – I’m retired.

Novels – Three; One soon to be finished, The Carousel of Beliefs, and two to be revised.

Short Stories – Many. Both published and seeking adoption.

Poetry – Yes. I call it poetry anyway. Some of it has even been published in literary magazines.

Essays – Many published in various newspapers. Fifty to be published in my forthcoming book, the essay collection titled, Hold the Apocalypse – Pass Me a Scientist Please (and other essays from an optimist in dreamland.) Stay tuned.

Interests: Chasing birds from the squirrel feeder, re-designing my facial hair, and daydreaming. In my free time I hike, bike, kayak, play guitar, travel, read, garden, drink beer, and wonder if the Baltimore Orioles will ever be a serious baseball team again.

8 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for your interest.
      Neither book is available yet. My first one, Hold the Apocalypse, Pass Me a Scientist Please will be out on Amazon probably in early October. If you follow my website, I’ll be notifying people there when it does become available.
      The next one, The Carousel of Beliefs will be sometime next year.
      Take care.


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