The Dinosaur Returneth

One year ago I didn’t have a website, didn’t write blog posts, didn’t even have a cell phone, and what’s most amazing to my family and friends, didn’t die of embarrassment. My computer literacy would not have impressed a preschooler.

What I did have was the 21st century right where I wanted it – at arms length. That was other people’s problem. I was a dinosaur and proud of it. People forget that dinosaurs lived for millions of years without these things, and that it took an asteroid to kill them.

Dinosaurs left no written record though, so we can only wonder what they thought and how they spent their days. I do plenty of writing however, and while it might cause people to wonder about my thinking abilities, I began to realize that the best way to leave a written record was by finally joining the 21st century. So that’s what I did, with the help of a couple of patient people, the Happiness Engineers at WordPress, and the Happiness Brewers who make Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I am happy to report that I would be perfectly comfortable going mano-a-mano on the computer with most 1st graders now.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying that I miss my dinosaur days. And it appears that the 21st century is having a bigger effect on me than I am having on it. So be it, I knew it wouldn’t be a fair fight. So I have decided to call a retreat, and go back to my pre website/blog/cell phone days, and to work on my novel instead. I figured I better let people know so at least they won’t think I’ve gone extinct.

I’m going to miss all the wonderful writers/thinkers/humorists I’ve been following, but the 20th century is calling me back. As the aptly named Ashley Brilliant said, “All I want in life is that wonderful feeling of accomplishment without having to accomplish anything.” No doubt I’ll be back at some point, but in the meantime, stay well and Write On!

Published by boblorentson

I am a retired environmental scientist and an active daydreamer. I love one-legged air dancers (I think that's what you call them), and I still hate lima beans.

28 thoughts on “The Dinosaur Returneth

  1. Bob, while I’m sorry to see you leaving, I completely understand. In fact I’ve wanted to do the same thing myself but have never managed to get out…yet. I keep hearing that I need to have a social media platform in order to sell my book to a publisher, so I’m trying to stay active at least until I can get the book out into the world. Then maybe I can leave the rat race as well. Best of luck to you!

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    1. Thank you Kim. I had the same reasons for going down this road, and though you do meet interesting people, it’s a big commitment on your time and mind. I wish you the best on your book. It’s abundantly clear that you have the talent and passion to make it a good one.

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  2. Oh no, so sorry to hear this, Bob. I wish you well with your writing, but sincerely hope you’ll be back. I’ll miss reading your posts and your witty approach to serious topics. Btw, I’m a retired computer science prof doing just fine without a cell phone (much to the horror/amusement of our kids). Walk your own path!

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    1. I kind of figured you for a fellow cellphone-less dinosaur. You’re too good a thinker and writer. I’m certainly going to miss the range and depth of your posts that never failed to interest. And especially those maps.
      Thanks for your support Jane.

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  3. Rats! There are so few bloggers who make me laugh. I haven’t resisted this stuff at all. I couldn’t. I had to teach “the future” to use it. So, I’m sitting here in front of my MacBook, wearing my smart watch which is linked to my iPhone. The things I resisted (phone, watch) turn out to be great tools and life simplifiers, especially here in the back of beyond where I live alone. A couple of hard falls pushed me to buy the watch so if I need help, I can get it. I’m not ready for the thing around my neck yelling, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Face it; I’m too cool for that. ❤

    I also discovered that my fiction writing process is actually helped by blogging chapters. It gives me a different "face" to look at my typing and an intelligent audience who cares that I'm here. More important, I find out really fast if anyone has the slightest interest in whatever randomly arcane thing I think will make a story.

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    1. I’m all for whatever works when writing. I wear a sleep mask and go for walks to get deeper into my head when I’m stuck. (Not at the same time though. )
      Keep up the great writing Martha.

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  4. Dang! I just found you and now you’re gone. I’m happy to hear of others without cell phones. I bought one to ride my bike across the country 4 years ago so my family wouldn’t wonder, for days on end, if I was alive. I could text a few words at the end of the day. Instead of waiting two months to say, “Oh shit. He’s still alive”, they could say it every day. I also bought a Bluetooth keyboard so I could write a blog from the road.

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    1. I’m thinking they call it a cell phone for a reason, and it’s not because it gives you more freedom. Except for things like cross country bike rides. Then it’s perfect for staying in touch, or to keep everyone guessing.
      Keep on riding and writing!

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  5. I hope you have a great time writing and if you ever need feedback/beta reader etc, feel free to contact me. I’m only too happy to help 😊

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  6. I spent my career dragging dinosaurs into the modern era. I hate seeing one wiggle out of the net, Bob, but I wish you luck in your writing endeavor. When your novel is ready, let me know if you want to talk about at my place.

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  7. I wish you well, Bob. Dive into that novel writing mode and whenever you surface for air and some ale, I hope you will consider sharing a few words with us. It’s a joy to read your posts. Take care and happy writing! 🙂


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